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What's Your Number?

What's Your Number?

By Cassandra Duvall. CREATED Dec 9, 2012

GREEN BAY, WI -- Its game day in Green Bay! Lots of fans are hitting Lambeau Field. And many of them have something in common, their love for their jerseys. 

But why do we choose the numbers and players we do? Is it tradition, pure talent or nostalgia?
“I've got Matthews, A.J. Hawk,” said one fan. 
Whether it’s Jennings, Nelson or Cobb, everyone has their favorite. 
“In general, Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews rule the day, at least over the last few years,” said Mike Walters, Manager of the jersey Store. 
Lots of fans agree.
“I think it all comes from the quarterback,” said a Packers fan visiting from Wyoming.
But there are always those who are gaining popularity. The better you play, the better your number sells. 
“If you're looking for a wild card this year, it'd be Randall Cobb. He's the guy that's burst on the scene this year,” said Walters. 
Then of course, there are the throwbacks, the all-time greats that never go out of style. But with the greats, that includes Brett Favre.
“Other players came and went, and for us he was always the number one seller,” said Walters. 
While fans may have the jersey, it doesn't mean they're wearing it.
“Sorry, I just cannot put that jersey ever on again,” said Ed Jessup, a Green Bay fan from LaGrange, New York. 
But why do we choose one jersey over another?
“If I like the way they play, I get their jersey,” said one fan at the Jersey Store.
“I think it says everything about me, it's all about your personality,” said another.
Whoever you pick Packers fans say wear the jerseys with pride.