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Charlie Knuth's New Battle: School

Heather Burke

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Charlie Knuth's New Battle: School

CREATED Nov. 28, 2012

DARBOY, Wis.--Darboy's Charlie Knuth is back home, but his mother Trisha says she's having a hard time getting Charlie's education back on track through the Kimberly School District.

Trisha tells us while Charlie was recovering in a Minnesota hospital from his second stem cell transplant, the Kimberly School District, which he always attended, no longer considered Charlie a resident and terminated his open enrollment. Trisha says she now feels like she's cutting through red tape to get him back in school.

"It's so irritating for him. Why must it always be this fight? For everything?" Trisha Knuth said.

Trisha tells us the superintendent denied his re-enrollment papers.

"They were not going to provide services because he was home-bound. The controversial thing I have a problem with is that the Kimberly School District and teachers Charlie had are the teachers that put forth a plan in his IEP, stating he would be receiving home-bound services," Trisha said.

"Charlie was not denied education," Kimberly Superintendent Bob Mayfield said.

He says Charlie is welcome back to the district, when he's no longer home-bound.

"Parents were given an option for that home-bound education. They haven't taken it at this time, and I'm not really sure why," Mayfield said.

That's because Trisha says the option was for Charlie to get his home-bound education through the Kaukauna School District. The district where they live, which she tells us is not an option.

"Charlie's school district is the Kimberly School District. Those are his teachers. Those are the people that know him. That is the school that he's always gone to, and I believe that this was definitely wrong, and I wanted it fixed," Trisha said.

Trisha tells us she called the state Department of Public Instruction to investigate Charlie's case. We tried calling the department, but no one has returned our calls.