"Trouble In Toyland" Report Out


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"Trouble In Toyland" Report Out

By Deandra Corinthios. CREATED Nov 20, 2012

GREEN BAY--If you're shopping for toys this holiday season a new report out today urges you to be careful which ones you buy. The Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group released its annual "Trouble in Toyland" report.

The report focuses on the common toy hazards, from choking to dangerous chemicals, even noisy toys, and letting parents know what to look out for.

"Consumers and parents need to continue to be vigilant," said Bruce Speight, director of WISPIRG.

In the last year more than 86 thousand toys recalled for posing a choking hazard. Speight says that's the most common toy danger. Toys with small parts are required to have warning labels. Many are banned for kids younger than three.

"This year we found toys that continue to go against what is required by law" said Speight.

Experts say there is an easy way for you to test if a toy is a choking hazard for your child. You take a toilet paper tube and if the toy fits through it. That means it's a choking hazard for kids three and under.

"Parts that can become loose on the toy is bought is also very important to think about" said Dr. Molly Kleiman, a pediatrician with Bellin Health.

Another hazard: txic chemicals in toys. When kids are exposed to lead or thalates experts say it put them at risk for developmental disorders. Many manufacturers don't list the chemicals on the box.

"The standard for thalates under the new law is 1000 parts per million," said Speight.

Magnetic toys also pose a danger if swallowed, and loud toys. Experts say toys louder than 85 decibels can lead to gradual hearing loss. Press the toy to your ear. If it's too loud for you it's too loud for your kids. I

If you suspect a toy may be dangerous, you can report it to the CPSC http://www.saferproducts.gov/Default.aspx