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Man Tries to Lure Child

Deandra Corinthios

Man Tries to Lure Child

CREATED Nov. 14, 2012

MENASHA, WI-Police in the Fox Valley on the lookout for a man who tried to lure a young boy into his car. It happened Monday morning  in Menasha at the intersection of Lugano and Manitoba streets.

Police say the nine-year-old boy was waiting for the school bus when a man offered to give him a ride. When the bus pulled up, the man drove off. Now police are asking everyone to be on alert.

A walk in the neighborhood has mom Paige Wurzer on edge. Wurzer gives her three-year-old son Gavin a lesson on streetsmarts.

"You have to stay by mom. Always hold mom's hand in public and its just important to go by people you know" said Wurzer to her son.

Wurzer lives at the intersection of Lugano and Manitoba. That's where police say a black man in an older brown truck tried to lure a nine-year-old boy into his car while he waited for the school bus.

It's a shock to Wurzer.

"I would never expect that any trouble would be around here at all," said Wurzer.

Menasha police say the boy reported the incident to his principal. Now an investigation in underway.

"We'll saturate the area where it happened just to see if there is a similar vehicle that is local, parked somewhere nearby" said Officer Aaron Zemlock with the Menasha Police Department.

But it can be a tough search without a license plate number. Police are urging parents to teach kids to remember the details, and how to recognize potentially dangerous encounters.

"I lost my puppy can you help me find him. I have some candy. Your mom told me to come pick you up," said Officer Zemlock.

For Wurzer, it's a chilling reminder, to keep Gavin close by her side.

At the end of October, Appleton police arrested a registered sex offender accused of making inappropriate sexual advances to girls near Menasha High School. Police say the incidents are not related.