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Four More Years for Obama

NBC26 Staff

Four More Years for Obama

By NBC26 Staff. CREATED Nov 7, 2012

MILWAUKEE, WI (AP) -- Minorities and women helped President Barack Obama secure Wisconsin's 10 electoral votes. Ninety-four percent of black voters and 57 percent of women supported the president, while Republican challenger Mitt Romney drew a small majority of male voters. Obama also was preferred over Romney by voters under age 40, college graduates and those with family incomes under $50,000.


 Cold and wet weather didn't deter Wisconsin voters from turning out in near-record numbers on Election Day. Government Accountability Board director Kevin Kennedy Says it appears more than 70 percent of eligible voters cast ballots yesterday. In 2008, about 69 percent of eligible voters went to the polls.  

Wisconsin Republicans have retaken full control of state government after claiming majorities in both the state Senate and Assembly.

Results from Tuesday's elections show that the GOP captured an open Senate seat and fended off challengers to four incumbents, giving Republicans a narrow majority in the Senate. Republicans easily maintained their majority in the Assembly.

With Republican Gov. Scott Walker in office, the party once again has full run of state government. And the ramifications are huge. With Democrats on the sidelines, Republicans will be able to pass any proposal without help from Democrats.

Republicans gained control of the governor's office, the Senate and the Assembly in 2010. Democrats had won a narrow Senate majority in June's recall elections, but Tuesday's election erased that edge.

Tammy Baldwin will become Wisconsin's first female U.S. senator and the first openly gay candidate to ever be elected to the chamber. The Democrat held off a political comeback by popular former Governor Tommy Thompson, who'd never lost a statewide race.