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Final Hours of Campaign

Final Hours of Campaign

By Deandra Corinthios. CREATED Nov 5, 2012

GREEN BAY--  Wisconsin's battleground status is clear in the final hours on the campaign trail. The president stops in Madison to rally supporters and Paul Ryan is scheduled for a stop in Milwaukee late Monday evening.

Both presidential candidates are tirelessly campaigning to build momentum they hope will carry them through Tuesday, and one of their main missions: fight hard to win Wisconsin's 10 electoral votes.

"Four more years, four more years" chanted the crowd.

At a rally in downtown Madison, with special guest Bruce Springsteen, President Obama tells Wisconsinites he'll fight for the middle class.

"You know I tell the truth. And you know that I'll fight for you and your families every single day, as hard as I know how" said President Obama.

After Wisconsin, the president gave his closing arguments in Ohio and Iowa.

"Our work is not yet done the fight goes on" said President Obama.

Meanwhile Mitt Romney rallied crowds in Florida, New Hampshire, Virginia and Ohio

"Tomorrow we begin a new tomorrow. Tomorrow we begin a better tomorrow. This nation is going to begin to change for the better tomorrow'" said Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

In northeast Wisconsin the campaigning rages on at the Republican Green Bay victory center, Paul Ryan's brother Tobin Ryan fires up volunteers at the phone banks.

"With this hard work..Come tomorrow it's all going to tip our way and we're so exicted" said Tobin Ryan.

No telling which way this race is headed The polls are locked up tight - battleground states like Wisconsin are near even - and the candidates are making one last push for your vote.

These were supposed to be the final campaign stops, but Mitt Romney's campaign has now scheduled stops tomorrow--in Ohio and Pennsylvania. The president will be in Chicago.