Lambeau Prime Campaign Stop

Lambeau Prime Campaign Stop

By Deandra Corinthios. CREATED Nov 4, 2012

GREEN BAY, WI--The countdown is on for election day with less than 48 hours to go. A prime campaign stop Sunday, Lambeau Field. From Paul Ryan to Mitt Romney's sons, Packers fans couldn't escape the politics.

Politicians say what better place to talk to thousands of people all at once than at Lambeau on game day for a last hurrah before the elections.

Politicians say they're targeting the small percentage of undecided voters. But some fans say they're just about politicked out.

Like many Packers fans, Steve Holder feels bombarded with campaign signs and ads. So Holder makes light of it all. His sign says he's voting for Aaron Rodgers!

"I'm getting tired of it like everyone else. Waiting for Tuesday to be over," said Steve Holder.

But that didn't stop Paul Ryan from making a tailgate appearance at Lambeau. Mitt Romney's sons were there too.

"We're out campaigning hard for my dad. Making sure people understand he's the right guy for the job" said Josh Romney.

"There are still some people undecided out there. They're going to wait until the very last minute it's getting to be that point" said Matt Romney.

Alongside the Mitt Romney bus, Governor Scott Walker stumps too, targeting undecided voters.

"You could be talking about a couple hundred votes that could be the difference in the state of Wisconsin and that could be the difference in America," said Governor Walker.

Lots of republicans faces. But President Obama was just in town on Thursday.  And Joe Biden and Bill Clinton were in Wisconsin too.

Back at Lambeau, Tommy Thompson campaigns for the Wisconsin senate spot.

"I'm very optimistic people want a change in this country" said Thompson.

Tammy Baldwin was in Milwaukee.

But for most Packers fans, like Holder, it's all a done deal.

"I've made my mind up a while ago" said Holder.

After Paul Ryan's brief appearance in Green Bay, he went on to campaign in Ohio, Minnesota and Colorado on Sunday.