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Wisconsinites Heading to Disaster Zone

Deandra Corinthios

Wisconsinites Heading to Disaster Zone

CREATED Oct. 30, 2012

GREEN BAY, WI--Red Cross volunteers from Wisconsin are heading to one of the areas hit hardest by the storm. Two volunteers left Green Bay on Tuesday, on their way to New York state.

The volunteers got the call on Sunday to leave Tuesday morning. Both women have been on disaster relief missions before, but they say they're preparing for the worst as they head to the east coast.

Red cross volunteers Donna and Ginny are ready to head into the devastation. Signing last minute paperwork, the women find out where they're headed: Middletown, New York. It's an area about 70 miles north of New York City.

The volunteers aren't sure what to expect. All they know is they'll head out in an emergency response vehicle and their job is to hand out meals and cleaning supplies. But they say disaster relief is much more than that.

"Knowing someone is there to help out is a comfort to those people who have lost so much," said volunteer Ginny Gibson.

The images of the damage are shocking even for veteran volunteers. But that's why they want to help.

"I feel so bad for those people disrupting their lives, I just can't imagine the water coming in and the fires now" said volunteer Donna Laplante.

Ginny and Donna expect to be gone at least two weeks. But they only packed the essentials.

"A raincoat, a flashlight...We don't know if there are power outages" said Gibson.

One item they can't do without is a GPS. They make sure it is programmed before they leave.

"There are detours, there is debris in the roads, they are flooded. We just don't know how are are going to be re-routed" said Gibson.

There are now ten eastern Wisconsin volunteers deployed to the east coast. But dozens more are on standby.