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Vandals Strike Cemetery, Reward Offered

Jonathon Gregg

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Vandals Strike Cemetery, Reward Offered

CREATED Oct. 4, 2012

New Holstein-- Three times in three months New Holstein police chief, Brian Reedy, has received the same call. "This was the most severe that happened, this weekend," Reedy said. A dozen headstones were knocked over and now lay in pieces. It happened late Friday or early Saturday. No one has been caught. Chief Reedy added, "The victims here, are the families of those deceased."

The damage done to these monuments is measured in dollars, a few thousand, but no price can measure the damage done to this town's spirit. Chris Leavitt owns a tavern, two blocks down from the cemetery. Tonight, she wonders,  "Why!?...For kicks?...Fun?...Why cemeteries?"

Kathy Kovach volunteers at St. John's across the street from the cemetery. "What someone thinks is simple vandalism actually hurts the people that have family there," Kovach said.

Chief Reedy, has had enough and as his department steps up patrols he's asking for help. After all, a cemetery is a place of rest, but the town of New Holstein has found little peace and can only hope for solace, in this time of pain.

Police are offering a $300 reward for information in this case.