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Octoberfest Boosts Local Charities

Brian Miller

Octoberfest Boosts Local Charities

CREATED Sep. 29, 2012

APPLETON-- About 100 not-for-profits depend on the money they haul in selling food during Appleton’s Octoberfest. Organizers say the festival generates more than $2.5 million that is re-invested into the community.

"It allows us as a troop to do things like camp outs with the boys get the kids to summer camp so any type of fundraising is crucial for us,” said  Mark Sinotte, Scoutmaster of Troop 127 in Appleton.

Organizers say each booth can generate thousands of dollars in just two days.

"For some of the non-profits this is their largest fundraiser of the year so they use that for their programming back out into the community," said Octoberfest Executive Director Susan Vanden Heuvel.

This was the festival's 31st in Appleton. Organizers say the warm weather helped boost attendance and in turn, boosted the bottom line for retailers. 

Organizations like the Neenah Eagles Areie are raising money at the festival for the first time this year. The organization is giving 4 area high schools students a $500 scholarship to use toward their college education.

" It's very important that the community supports its own community and gets involved with activities that raises money for charities, said Ricky Jacqurt  with Neenah Eagles Aerie #1099.

Frank Hamilton of Thrifty Tickets Thrift Store says he cannot buy this type of advertising. "It was exactly what we thought was going to happen business right now is booming it's making things happen on College Ave, which is great,” Hamilton said.