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Packers Fans: Deal is Too Late

Deandra Corinthios

Packers Fans: Deal is Too Late

CREATED Sep. 27, 2012

GREEN BAY, WI--Packers fans are relieved the real referees are back, but many say a deal reached now between the NFL and the refs can't be considered a victory. They're saying it is too little too late.

After a controversial call, resulting in a loss to the Seattle Seahawks, fans at Lambeau Field are not too pleased about the timing of a deal.

"It's about time they were back. It's kinda sad the NFL let it go on this long," said Packers fan Lawrence Redford.

A late night deal last Wednesday means the regular refs will be back Thursday. But that's little consolation for Packers fans who are still feeling bitter from Monday night.

"That was like a punch to the gut. It shouldn't have happened. They shouldn't have had to go to that extreme for the lockout to be resolved," said Charles Zehner.

While the replacement refs will no longer be on the field, fans say now the real refs will face very intense scrutiny.

"They don't have time to prepare. There is a good possibility they will make mistakes themselves for a week or two before they get their wits about them," said Tom Baer.

After a season of what fans call "terrible calls" by the replacement refs, they're now hoping for the best as the Pack prepares to play again on Sunday. Fans say they're hoping the Packers can rise above this. They don't want the loss to the Seahawks to cost them a spot in the playoffs.