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270 New Jobs in Ripon

Cassandra Duvall

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270 New Jobs in Ripon

CREATED Sep. 14, 2012

RIPON, WI -- Hundreds of new jobs coming to Ripon, after an expansion is announced Friday at Alliance Laundry Systems. The company says 270 new jobs will be added, and a new building is underway.

Gov. Scott Walker attended the groundbreaking ceremony in Ripon. He points out the expansion has a ripple effect in the Fox Valley, and shows other businesses now is the right time to make an investment.
“For all those other companies who are looking to grow, Wisconsin indeed is a good place to do business,” said Gov. Walker. 
The $23 million expansion includes a new 40,000 sq. ft. building
The company President and CEO said the expansion is all about a greater demand.  
“Customers today are waiting for products too long and we simply can't produce enough,” said Mike Schoeb, President and CEO.
Schoeb said about $1.5 million came from investments from the state and local government, including the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. 
“We would not have moved forward without the assistance of the state and local government,” said Schoeb.
“The bottom line is, they have a good product, it's a good company, we're pleased to play a small role,” said Gov. Walker. 
270 new jobs are mainly for production and manufacturing of the commercial washing machines. 
“This will carry us for the next 4-5 years at least,” said Schoeb. 
The Governor said he hopes this success story will prompt other business to take the step to hire more people and create jobs for the state. 
“It sends a message to other employers who might be sitting on the sidelines waiting to get in the game,” said Walker. 
The CEO and President said they've already begun hiring new supervisors for the work expansion. They’ll hire other employees when the work is completed. The best way for people interested in applying for the new positions, is to visit their web site and apply online.