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Packers Football: 2 Games in 5 Days

Jonathon Gregg

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Packers Football: 2 Games in 5 Days

CREATED Sep. 5, 2012

 Green Bay--Wednesday's regular season opener between the Giants and Cowboys means the Packer's home opener is just four days away with a second game less than five days after that.

First things first: Titletown is going to be "busy." Dorothy Harrsch, fan and stadium greeter, loves that the season opens with two games in five days. "When the game is on Sunday and the next game is on Thursday, the excitement is even greater because the momentum keeps going," Harrsch said.

Remember, it's going to be crowded. Craig Bleier of Cambria Suites, located a few blocks off of Lambeau, says some people are flying and driving into Green Bay for the 49ers game and staying in Wisconsin through the Bears game next Thursday.