Murder Victim Remembered


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Murder Victim Remembered

By Deandra Corinthios. CREATED Aug 27, 2012

WAUSAUKEE, WI--We now know the two people involved in a murder and attempted suicide in Marinette County. Fifty-one-year-old Ann Schueller was shot and killed Sunday afternoon while she was working at a gas station in Wausaukee. The suspect, Richard Heyer, then tried to kill himself. Schueller's friends say the two had been in a relationship that turned violent.

We spoke with close friends of the victim. They say Heyer would get violent with Schueller. It got so bad she moved out. Friends say they are torn apart because a woman who had the courage to leave her abuser to get her life back, has been killed.

Saddened by the loss of her best friend, Lorie DeBakker says the victim, Ann Schueller, was a like a sister to her. But now, knowing she'll never being able to see Schueller again, is almost too much to bear.

"I left her with a smile and a hug and we always said I love you," said DeBakker.

Schueller was shot and killed while working at a Citgo station of highway 141. The alleged shooter, her ex boyfriend Richard Heyer. Friends say Schueller ended the relationship after Heyer got violent with her.

"He chased her with a chainsaw. He threw a fifty pound bag of feed at her," said DeBakker.

In May, DeBakker picked Schueller up and she moved out for good.

"She figured she had to get out or she was going to die. She was afraid for her life," said DeBakker.

Friends say Schueller filed for a restraining order in Marinette County a few months ago. They can't see why the judge denied it.

"I understand you can't read the minds of the unstable, but she reached out for help and something failed," said friend, Janelle Tate. Before she was killed, friends say Schueller was just getting back on her feet. She had found a new job, she'd worked at the Citgo about a month, her own apartment, and she was finally happy again.

For those who knew Schueller, the loss is overwhelming.

"I'm selfish I want her back. She didn't deserve it," said DeBakker.