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Bond Set For Shooting Suspects

Bond Set For Shooting Suspects

By Heather Burke. CREATED Aug 3, 2012

Bond is set for seven people in connection with the shooting death of a Green Bay teenager. The highest bond is for Julio Gonzalez set at $1-million cash. Police say he confessed to pulling the trigger. 

Bond was also set for six other suspects involved.
15-year-old Jeremy Teller was gunned down Tuesday night on Green Bay's east side behind a home on Smith Street. But charges have still not been filed in the case.
Since there's so many people involved, the Brown County District Attorney says their stories keep changing. He's still trying to prove each suspect's alleged role in this brutal shooting death.
"It's a little bit unusual certainly. It's more complicated because of the number of people involved. I want to have all the information before I make a formal charging decision,” Brown County District Attorney David Lasee said.
Gonzalez may be charged with first degree intentional homicide for Teller's death and attempted first degree intentional homicide for the shot fired at his cousin.
Then there's the other six suspects who police say pulled up behind a home on Smith Street where shots rang out.
"Even if they're not the direct actor, if they were parties to this crime they can be charged with that crime and face the same penalties,” Lasee said.
The suspects' families did not want to talk on camera because they tell us they fear for their safety. Meanwhile, a fire still burns at the Teller home to remember the young life lost. The family also had no comment tonight, but Teller’s father spoke with NBC26 about the suspects in a past interview.
" I just have so much hurt and sadness, I can't feel any anger towards whoever did it,” Joseph Teller said.
The suspects are expected back in court in the coming weeks where they will be formally charged. If convicted of first degree intentional homicide, Gonzalez could face life in prison. The other six suspects could face a similar punishment.