Long Awaited Deer Report Released

Long Awaited Deer Report Released

By Deandra Corinthios. CREATED Jul 10, 2012

GREEN BAY, WI -the long awaited deer report is out. Doctor James Kroll or "Doctor Deer" was appointed by Governor Walker to evaluate the state's deer management. The report is very detailed, more than 130 pages long. A big portion focuses on better communication between the DNR, hunters and landowners to get more accurate deer population counts across the state.

Dr. James Kroll spoke with thousands of hunters and landowners over the past nine months. One important finding: the DNR needs to communicate better with hunters and landowners.

"If they are involved in collecting data it is pretty hard to disbelieve or criticize data they helped gather instead of being told what some computer spit out," said Kroll.

Kroll says deer population goals need to be more site specific taking into account factors that affect the health of the herd, like the number of car deer crashes in the area. Also, the agency should be more passive in managing chronic wasting disease.

NBC26 contacted the DNR but officials say they haven't had a chance to analyze the full report. The released this statement to us:

"...We understand that outside reviews often contain recommendations for improvement; we see this as an opportunity. We are not afraid to face recommendations and critiques that are contained in the report and adjust accordingly..." (Kurt Thiede, DNR Lands Division Manager)

Governor Walker will meet with his team wednesday to see which parts of the report can into effect now, others might require a vote.

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