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Charlie Knuth Needs Second Transplant

Mike Conroy

Charlie Knuth Needs Second Transplant

CREATED Jul. 9, 2012

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.--Charlie Knuth faces another stem cell transplant to fight a rare and possibly deadly skin disease.

Writing in her Caring Bridge Journal, Charlie's mother Trisha writes; "Charlie has PTLD.  Post Transplant Lymphproliferative Disease.  A result of either a virus and or the chemotherapy drug CSA that is used as a immunosuppressent to prevent graft vs host disease.  In simple terms, B cells have taken over."

Doctors plan to start Charlie on a medication rituximab. designed to help control his B blood cells. The drug should also ease Charlie's pain according to Trisha Knuth.

But, there may be a snag. "We can not start until Medicaid says yes.  I want that to start now.  Not tomorrow.  Not tonight;" Trisha writes. "Charlie has been in pain and waiting for 3 1/2 weeks and he does not need to wait one minute longer."

 After 3 days of this medication they will switch to ATG an immunosuppressent and then Charlie will be transplanted again with donor stem cells.  "Charlie's immune system has been wiped out and he needs a second transplant." Trisha Writes. "Here we go again...."