Road Buckling

Road Buckling

By Cassandra Duvall. CREATED Jul 6, 2012

GREEN BAY, WI - The hot weather is a potential hazard for drivers.  The extreme temperatures are causing roads to buckle across the state. The Department of Transportation is working to repair the holes, so no one gets hurt.

DOT said most of the road problems are in south and central Wisconsin, but it's also happening here.

 "It isn't like we have land mines going off on our highways," said Kim Rudat with WDOT.

Thursday, Highway 441 buckled near Appleton. The road was closed for a few hours for repairs. 

"We'd make sure we'd barricade it for the public's safety till we can get a road crew over there to fix it," said Lt. Pat Matuszewski, Appleton Police Dept.

The DOT explained there have been 20 incidents of pavement blow-ups around our area, including in Sheboygan and Shawano County.

"The public would notice most of them. You might feel a slight bump in the road as you're driving down," said Rudat.

It could damage tires or the suspension in your car.

"We're used to damage the roadways as a result of the winter not so much as a result of the summer," said Matuszewski 

If you see any problems in the road, report them to DOT.