Can Favre, Packers Ever Make Up?

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Can Favre, Packers Ever Make Up?

By Mike Conroy. CREATED Jul 2, 2012


Green Bay -- At least one person sees brighter days ahead for Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers.


Favre's former coach, Mike Sherman.

Now the offensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins, Sherman told the Boston Globe's Greg Bedard -- the man who used to roam this space here -- that time heals.

“I think time will pass and everything will be made right,” Sherman said. “Green Bay has meant too much to him as a player and as a person and he’s been too much for them.

“I know there’s some hard feelings, maybe on both sides, but at the same time I think with time that all dissipates and he’ll be welcomed back with open arms. The dust just has to settle a little bit and the pain of his exit has to heal a little bit and I think he’ll be what he was. He was an icon.

“I know he loved his time in Green Bay and has phenomenal memories. I know that he cherishes every single Sunday that he went out that tunnel to the cheers of those fans. I think eventually that will heal up and be put in the past.”

Sherman and Favre shared plenty of good memories together, albeit with some painful playoff memories.

In Green Bay, Sherman went 57-39 with three division titles. He struggled juggling general manager and head coach duties and was eventually fired after the 2005 season. Favre threw for more than 30 touchdowns three times under Sherman and the Packers went 12-4 twice, though they couldn't get past the divisional round of the playoffs.

Bedard asked Sherman if he'd consider stopping by the Dolphins' headquarters sometime.

“I’d love to get him down here,” Sherman said. “It’s hard to get him off that tractor. He loves to mow his grass. He has the best grass in America — he should, anyway, with as much time he puts into that grass.”