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Alleged Theft From Town

Alleged Theft From Town

By Heather Burke. CREATED Jun 22, 2012

Two former leaders from the Town of Dale accused of ripping-off the community they served. For allegedly racking-up thousands of dollars on the town's credit card for personal use. 

"I know both of them. they're good customers of mine and they've always been up worthy and never had problems paying bills or anything like that. They're just good people,” local car dealer Gary Roehrborn said.
A criminal complaint states former Town of Dale clerk Marcia Kelly and former treasurer Erica Siewert charged hundreds of unauthorized purchases on the town's credit card over the last six years--totaling more than $76,000.
Down the road at the Dale Café, it weighs on owner Deb Chonos' mind while she works.
"They did the crime, they should take care of it and pay for what they've done. It's not their money, it's the town's money. Something we need for the town. It's not for them to use and take,” Chonos said.
According to the complaint, the pair bought anything from groceries to even visits to the casino. They reportedly came clean to the town's attorney back in February and both resigned. Now Roehrborn tries to find forgiveness for his former car customers.
"Anybody that knows them I would think would understand and hopefully get this resolved. There's no ill-feeling on my part,” Roehrborn said.
Kelly faces 33 charges, while Siewert is charged with 14. Both are set to appear in court July 12th and could be facing jail time.