Walker's Beer and Brat Summit

Walker's Beer and Brat Summit

By Heather Burke. CREATED Jun 11, 2012

In an effort to mend broken relationships. Governor Scott Walker is hosting a Beer and Brat Summit Tuesday at the Governor's Mansion. Walker wants to bring cooperation back to the state capitol.

"From the beginning all we wanted was to be at the table and communicate and collaborate,” State Senator Dave Hansen of Green Bay said.
Hansen Is one of 98 lawmakers planning on breaking bread with the governor--before heading back to the capital.
"I don't think we can have the division in this state anymore. It's about time we unite, families are split, neighbors are split, that's not good for a progressive state like Wisconsin,” Hansen said.
But a few lawmakers say  It's only going to cook up disaster.
"Democrats' behavior will not change until republicans change their policies,” Republican Representative Steve Nass of Whitewater said.
Nass will be a no show at the summit. He's fired up about democrats alleged comments against governor walker after he won the recall race.
"That tells me they have no interest in working together on common ground. I would be wasting my time,” Nass said.
Still, Hansen says it's about time there's peace inside the capital.
"We're obviously going to have our differences and stand up for what we believe in, but talking and discussing is always a good thing,” Hansen said.

Democrat Representatives Marc Pocan and Kelda Roys are also not attending. Walker's spokesman says the summit won't be open to the media because they want lawmakers to be in a "relaxed" environment.