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Bellin Run Opens Door to Exercise

Mike Conroy

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Bellin Run Opens Door to Exercise

CREATED Jun. 4, 2012

Most of us exercise to improve our overall health. But what if your health prevents you from exercising?  Mary Legault is dealing with that very issue. " I have some pulmonary issues, it's called sarcoidosis and I've never smoked and I want to make that statement, but it has made it very difficult for me to do activity and breathe."

Mary got help from Bellin Health's Pulmonary Rehab program and started her journey on a road to health. "I've been working with Mary for 4 years. She started very slowly;" Bellin's Laura Nourigat told us. "We took baby steps getting her comfortable with knowing her body, knowing her body mechanics, what she felt ok doing, what she didn't feel ok doing but still did."

With Laura's support, Mary accomplished one of her many goals. "Then in 2010 that was my big year because I did the first Bellin Run, but I did the Back to the Road Crew with pulmonary rehab. I got really tired but I made it." Mary says. She has also dropped the weight. " When I first started I weighed about 320 pounds. Right now I'm down about 140 pounds and I have about 20 more to go."

You can watch Mary and and the other runners in the 2012 Bellin Run, Live on MyNEW32,  on Saturday, June 9th starting at 7:00am