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2012 Bellin Run: The Right Clothing

Mike Conroy

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2012 Bellin Run: The Right Clothing

CREATED May. 23, 2012

You've made the decision to train for the Bellin Run. You've got the motivation, the determination and the commitment. Now let's see what else you'll need to help you train.

Bellin Health's Nate Vandervest has some tips to keep you on track for the June 9th run. "We start with the shoes. Make sure that you go out to a running specific shoe store to get fitted for the correct pair of shoes and also a comfortable pair of shoes." Vandervest says. "That's key."

"The other thing that we go in to is your moisture-wicking fabric. So you want to try to get away from all the cotton t-shirts and shorts and get into more of these high-tech fabrics. Things you can get are long-sleeved shirts. These are good on your mornings where it's 30 or 40 degrees outside, where it's a little chilly."

"On your warmer days you're going to want a t-shirt. We're talking 50, 60 degrees or above and you want to stay to your lighter color fabrics, so your whites and your grays, just to reflect the sun better. Once again, your moisture-wicking, keep you cool. Shorts as well."

"Big thing with the shorts is it's going to limit chafing. So make sure you get a good pair of running shorts. A lot of them will have a liner already in them, so that will help to control that moisture as well. Also for your colder days, hat and gloves, make sure you have that. It's nice when it's 30 degrees and you can put a hat and gloves on. It's easy to take off, put in your pockets and finish your run."

You can watch the 2012 Bellin Run, Live on our sister station MyNEW32. The run is scheduled for Saturday, June 9th.