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Oneida Daycare Concerns

Heather Burke

Oneida Daycare Concerns

CREATED Apr. 30, 2012

ONEIDA---A parent emailed NBC26, to ask us about operations at an Oneida daycare that are raising some eyebrows.    

Some parents claim children at Norbert Hill Child Care Center are not being taken care of properly. Oneida leaders say they've launched an internal audit to look into the accusations.

For the last month, auditors have been weeding through facts and records for the childcare center--hoping to find out what, if anything is happening behind closed doors.

"It is a little alarming that everything is going on and how much stress it's putting on parents. I see how stressful it is," said a mother who's 3-year-old goes to Norbert Hill Child Care Center.

She asked us not to show her face on camera.

"What have parents been saying," we asked her. "Roughness with the children," the mother said.

"I think there's a variety of concerns," said Bobbi Webster, spokeswoman for the Oneida Tribe.

She could not tell us what those concerns are from parents, but says there is an internal audit.

"If there are allegations of child abuse they would have reported it immediately to whatever level either state or police reports. So they have an obligation to report that immediately, and there's nothing that's been reported as of today," Webster said.

The audit is still ongoing and has been for the last month. Meanwhile, a letter was given to parents last week--informing them Oneida leaders are trying to get answers. The letter states they've requested "additional observation cameras in the facility"--as they continue to "review and assess current policies and procedures".

"The tribe has always been a responsible government. Our childcare is number one," Webster said.

But parents won't rest, until their questions are answered.

"I hope something good comes from this and gets corrected," the mother said.

We did call the childcare center, but they had no comment. Webster tells us the county inspects the facility each year so they can maintain their state license--and they've been in compliance in the past.