Partners In Education: Planting the Seed for a Bright Future

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Partners In Education: Planting the Seed for a Bright Future

By Kasey Hott. CREATED Apr 26, 2012

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GREEN BAY - More than 540,000 students all across the country are members of Future Farmers of America. One of those members is a student at Green Bay Preble High School, who says the organization is helping her take big steps towards her future.

Morgan Stovall is a Sophomore at Preble, who first joined FFA in 7th grade after being inspired by her agriscience teacher Carla Zimmerman.

"I kind of wanted to be like her. She saved these two abused cattle herding dogs, so I thought that was pretty cool and I was like, 'Oh, I want to be like her,'" she said.

Since then, Morgan has excelled in her FFA courses and learned how to step outside of her comfort zone.

"I took leadership class, where we did a ropes course.. and you learned a lot about teamwork there, too. We had to climb a rock wall, and one of us was blindfolded - and we had someone on the ground tell us what to do," said Morgan.

Morgan's teacher, Betty Krcma, says there's more to FFA than many might think.

"It's not just farming, but it includes veterinarians, biotechnicians, landscapers, horticulturalists.. and also people who work in wildlife conservation. So, there's hundreds of different types of careers that fit into the area of agriscience and natural resources," Krcma said.

One FFA course has Morgan spending time in Green Bay Preble's greenhouse. She says working with plants is something she could see herself studying after high school.

"I want to go to college and probably get something in animal sciences, or in botany," said Morgan.

Morgan's experience in the greenhouse has helped her to land a summer job caring for plants at Larry's Bellevue Gardens. She says she would encourage anyone who is interested in FFA to step outside their comfort zones and give it a shot.