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Partners in Education: Overcoming Peer Pressure

Kasey Hott

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Partners in Education: Overcoming Peer Pressure

CREATED Mar. 12, 2012

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Green Bay, WI - We've all been teenagers at one time or another, and we all know that standing up to peer pressure isn't always an easy thing to do. One student at Preble High School is working to give his fellow students the confidence they need to do what's right.

Conor Holdredge is a sophomore at Green Bay Preble High School, and a proud member of the Brown County Teen Leadership Program.

"To be a teen leader, to me, means that you want to help people in your community and you want to help teens in your community," said Conor.

Earlier this year, Conor and his friends came up with an idea to help teens deal with peer pressure. They created special bracelets, to remind their peers that it's up to them to do what's right.

"It's also your choice not to do drugs and not to give in to peer pressure. Maybe your friends are doing it, and you just don't want to. It's okay to just say, 'No, I don't want to do it.'", said Conor.

Conor's mentor says his caring attitude is one that more people his age should have.

"Every one of the students in the program has unique qualities. What I really admire about Conor is his ability to stand up for what he believes in, and his passion to help," said Dan Terrio, a Youth Development Manager with the Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce.

For the rest of his high school years, Conor says leadership is a trait he will continue to per sue.

"We know we can't change everybody in the world," said Conor. "We can't change everyone in our community. But, if we can maybe save one life or help one person out… I feel like I've done my job."