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What President’s Visit Could Mean

What President’s Visit Could Mean

By Cassandra Duvall . CREATED Feb 14, 2012 - UPDATED: Feb 14, 2012

Green Bay, WI - President Barack Obama is gearing up for a visit to the Badger State. He'll be visiting a Milwaukee padlock company, which he said is creating jobs and keeping them from going overseas. 

But this visit to Wisconsin could mean big preps for the President's reelection campaign. 
"This is a way to sort of boost in the eyes of the public, his responsibility for the improvement in the economy, and that the economy is improving at all,” said Charley Jacobs, Assistant Prof. of Political Science at St. Norbert College. 
But the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus, disagrees. 
"Highlighting a few successes here, around the country are good for workers, but unfortunately we've got a President whose rhetoric and whose campaigning doesn't match his actions,” said Priebus.
And that campaigning may be a big reason for Obama’s visit, considering Wisconsin has 10 electoral votes the President needs. 
"He needs a state like Wisconsin in case he loses some other state he can't rely on in the same kind of way,” said Jacobs. 
And there may be something else that could potentially affect the November Presidential race, the possible recall election Gov. Scott Walker is facing. 
"Scott Walker handed Democrats and Progressives a really big gift,” said Graeme Zielinski, Communications Director for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. 
According to Zielinski, the possible recall election means people will be more politically aware, and they’ll be motivated for the November contest. 
"It's woken up people,” said Zielinski. “And it's made them realize they have to fight for the institutions that made this state great."
Zielinski also said the recall election will test out the new voting laws passed over the year. He said it will help “work out the kinks” to make the process smooth for the Presidential race. 
"For both parties it will be a benefit,” said Jacobs. “Because to a certain extent, it's like Beta testing, what messages are working, and what messages aren't working and why."