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Missing Money

Heather Burke

Missing Money

CREATED Dec. 22, 2011

KAUKAUNA, WI --Tom Dolan of Kaukauna contacted NBC26 after he says an internet and phone service company went belly up and took his money.

According to their website, Open Range Communications provides internet and phone service to smaller communities around the U-S and claim they're cheaper than other carriers. So when salesmen came knocking on Dolan's door, it was an offer he couldn't refuse.

"I thought oh that's a good deal. So we signed up for that," Dolan said.

Now he's singing a different tune.

"I'm a little bit disgruntled that I can't get a hold of anybody at Open Range Communications to know if I'm going to get a credit or not," Dolan said.

In November Dolan says the company sent him an email that they were shutting down. He was paying the company about $60 a month through automatic withdrawals from his bank account.

"Then they sent me an email saying we needed to send the router back by December 18th or face a $120 charge for the router, which they would probably put on the account with the credit union," Dolan said.

He had to pay about $9 to send the router back, and he's not alone.

"This seems like a questionable practice since they're the ones that breached the contract with everybody," JoEllen Wollangk said. She's with the Better Business Bureau in Appleton.

 The BBB Already received a complaint about the company from a woman in Little Chute.

"They can file a complaint with us, but because of this situation we may not be able to get a hold of them either," Wollangk said. "That happens often when companies go out of business. You may have some real problems."

NBC26 tried several times to call the company and got a busy signal.

"When you try to log in to communicate with them you can't anymore," Dolan said.

He tells us the company still owes him about $40.

We also tried emailing the company, but all our messages came back undeliverable. It's advised to also file a complaint with Consumer Protection if you believe you are a victim.