Fake Debt Collection Calls

Fake Debt Collection Calls

By Chad Doran. CREATED Nov 20, 2011

"This is an important message regarding your account and your social security number," says a message on the answering machine of Colleen Magley of Greenleaf.

They are calls most people ignore.

"(I get) About two a week," says Magley.

But when they are non-stop...

"It's like what did I do, how do I stop this," says a frustrated Magley.

Magley says the Better Business Bureau helped her trace the calls to New York state. Magley signed up for the Do Not Call list after the fake debt collection calls started last October.

"A lot of harrassment on this phone call trying to get her to give them credit card numbers or account numbers," says the BBB's JoEllen Wollangk.

Wollangk says Magley is taking the right steps by saving the calls and reporting the company.

"As a precaution, your account has been flagged until we hear from you," says another recorded message.

"Two weeks ago what really upset me was, you have 48 hours and then we are going to take action on you, and that was really scary," says Magley.

Because the company can be traced to the United States, Wollangk says they could face big trouble.

"There are horrendous fines, something like $10,000 a day or $10,000 a phone call that they can be fined, so it is great to report them."

Something Magley has done and wants other to do so they don't face the same situation.

"I thought by ignoring it they would stop calling, but they didn't they just kept calling."