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Prepping For The Big One

Chad Doran

Prepping For The Big One

CREATED Nov. 8, 2011

Fall clean-up in Green Bay is in full swing as the same trucks that are hauling leaves, could be hauling tons of road salt in just a few hours.

"We're kind of on mother nature's whim which direction we go, we have leaves down, but snow around the corner," says Green Bay Public Works Dept. Roads Superintendent Tony Fietzer.

The municipal garage in Green Bay is largely empty, while plows sit outside waiting to be attached. With the possible return of the white stuff coming Wednesday, more than 120 pieces of snow removal equipment could be hitting the garage for a quick change.

"The trucks that we use for leaf collection would be the same ones that would plow, our plows are all lined up out front, our spreaders have all been gone through, it's just a matter of getting them hooked up and getting them out on the street."

The mere mention of snow also has consumers scrambling.

"We probably retailed over 20 snowblowers today which is a very high number in a single day especially during the week, so the demand is up just because of the talk of snow," says Bryan Rottier, salesman at Ambrosius Outdoor Power Sales in De Pere.

Rottier says customers are placing orders for snowblowers they won't have in stock until mid-December.

Leaving some to do it the old fashioned way whether it's an inch or a foot and Fietzer says the plows will be ready.

"When the time comes if we have to switch over, it's just a matter of getting them in the shop and putting the equipment on."

For whatever tomorrow brings.