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Stolen Donations

Heather Burke

Stolen Donations

CREATED Sep. 20, 2011

Jessica Van Groll of Hilbert contacted us recently. She believes someone is cashing in at her son's expense--stealing money from donation jars she put out at bars around the Fox Valley area, to help pay for his medical bills.

Her 5-year-old son is battling a brain tumor. The family owes more than $220-thousand in medical expenses.

"It's hard enough for me to believe that people would go in and steal, but in all retrospect you're stealing from a five-year-old child that needs this for a medical procedure," said Van Groll.

She says 20 jars have been emptied and two were stolen.

"It's hard for bartenders to watch the jars because you're busy going back and forth," said Colleen McMahon, owner of Village Lanes in Little Chute.

It's one of the bars Van Groll put out a donation jar.

"I think it's terrible," said McMahon. "In this day and age everyone is so tight with money, but you just hate to see something like that happen."

Van Groll filed complaints with Calumet County Sheriff, Fox Valley Metro, Police in Little Chute and Kaukauna Police. Authorities say the case is still under investigation.

Meanwhile, the family has pulled out the donation jars. They are relying on a fund set-up for their son.

Donations can be made at any Citizens Bank under the "Domnyck Nienhaus Health Benefit". Or you can send donations by mail to:

 The Van Groll Family--46 South Sixth Street Hilbert, WI 54129.