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'Royal Splendor' Tree Planted at Green Bay Botanical Garden

'Royal Splendor' Tree Planted at Green Bay Botanical Garden

CREATED Apr 30, 2011

Every year on Arbor Day, NWTC's Landscape Horticulture Club plants a tree in honor of someone who has made an impact in the world of horticulture. This year, a Magnolia 'Royal Splendor' tree will be planted at Green Bay Botanical Garden on Friday, April 29 at 11 am in honor of Dennis Ledvina.

Dennis Ledvina has been breeding and selecting hardy magnolias since the 1970's. Magnolia collectors and breeders across the world covet many of his named selections. Large national nurseries have chosen additional selections for commercial introduction. "People come great distances to have access to some of Dennis's varieties that are not available elsewhere" stated David Wright, Landscape Horticulture Instructor at NWTC. Dennis has donated 161 different varieties of plants to Green Bay Botanical Garden with 108 of them being magnolias. He regularly evaluates the collection of hardy magnolias in an effort to ensure the Garden displays a complete collection.