Reality Check: Students Learn What Can Happen if They Drink and Drive

Kimberly, Wis.-- It's a sobering statistic. The teen driving death rate in Wisconsin is a full percentage point higher than the national average. Students at Kimberly high school got a life- saving lesson... About the dangers on the road especially when it comes to drinking and driving.


  • It starts as a fun night out, drinking with friends. But students at Kimberly High School learned what can happen after the fun, when drunk drivers get behind the wheel. NBC26 News

  • It looks real. But this is only a mock crash. Fox Valley Metro organized this demonstration using students acting as victims in this "crash."

  • 800 Kimberly sophomores and juniors watched as the realistic event unfolded right before their eyes. NBC26 News

  • Wednesday's featured what actually happens in a drunk driving crash. Rescue workers and police arrive at the scene at Kimberly High School.

  • Rescue teams, Police Officers and a medical helicopter were all used to show Kimberly students what could happen if they drink and drive.