1 Dead, 14 injured in Pulaski Bus Crash


Photo: Video by nbc26.com

1 Dead, 14 injured in Pulaski Bus Crash

By Brooke Hafs. CREATED Sep 2, 2014

PULASKI -- One person is dead and 14 others injured after a car crashed into a school bus late Wednesday night. Eight students had to be brought to the hospital in an ambulance with injuries. The rest were released to their parents. 

That crash happened on Highway 29 near St. Augustine Drive just after 9 p.m. The driver of the car was trying to cross the highway when it struck the back end of the bus. The driver of the car is still in critical condition and the passenger died on the scene. 

The school district reports that 25 people were on the bus that was carry the Varsity and JV volleyball teams coming home from a match at Seymour High School. There were 21 students, three coaches, and a bus driver on the bus at the time of the crash. The school also reports that none of the students injuries appear to be life threatening.

"The Pulaski Community School District is focused on the safety of our students. Our crisis plan has been implemented and will be in effect tomorrow and in the following days. We will continue to support our students and their families," says the district.

The school district will have grief councelers on hand Wednesday for students who need help. Pulaski HIgh school has scheduled a news conference for 8:30 a.m. where the superintendent will address the incident further.