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Three teens dead in Shawano County crash

The Shawano County Sherriff’s Department confirmed three students are dead after a crash that happened Tuesday night.

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The Packers Go More Green to Save Money on Energy

The Green Bay Packers began showing-off a cost saving benefit on Wednesday of it's recent renovation project at Lambeau Field. It's a section of the stadium that fans don't usually see deep inside Lambeau Field.

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Three Teens Killed, One Hospitalized After Two Car Crash

Around 5 pm on Monday, 3 lives were lost after a mustang collided with an s-u-v on highway 22. In the town of Bell Plaine.

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Seagulls Making a Mess at Fox Valley Businesses

Flocks of seagulls are migrating across the freeway to the field and businesses near the Outagamie County Landfill. It's a problem the landfill says they're trying to address.

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Rain Returns


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Dallas nurse Amber Vinson is Ebola-free, family says

Vinson has reportedly been cleared to transfer out of isolation into another unit, where she is still being treated.

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