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Inside Edge: Garth Brooks talks tour, girls and gravy; Tim McGraw dreams of Christmas pasta

Inside Edge: Garth Brooks talks tour, girls and gravy; Tim McGraw dreams of Christmas pasta

By Kellie Michaels. CREATED Dec 11, 2013

Garth Brooks is ready to get back on tour, but not so fast. He tells Nashville Edge the tour will have to wait for two things."Let's just look at common sense," he says. "Sandy, the girls' mom, [Garth's wife] Miss [Trisha] Yearwood and myself have vowed that these kids get out of high school, get on to college and do their thing. [Youngest daughter, Allie] still has another semester of high school, so it's gonna be at least the summer, that we know for sure. I'm also gonna have to have some time to lose 200 pounds."  


Garth joked that he weighs almost 300 pounds due to Trisha's good cooking. What's the favorite dish his wife cooks? "Mashed potatoes," he says. "There are no bones and nothing to choke on, so you can eat as much as you want as fast as you want." In case you are wondering, Garth prefers brown gravy on his mashed potatoes.


When it comes to the tour, Garth is hoping it will be lengthy. "The only thing I know for sure right now is that I am hoping this tour goes as long until I get tired. I just wanna ... I have never in my life gotten to go until I said, 'Ya know what, I'm tired.' I don't know if that time will ever come in music for me. Every world tour, and there have been three of them, has gone two or three years and I am hoping that is the extent of this one." Listen to Garth with KFDI Wichita morning hosts Brian & Kellie here.
Two weeks from Christmas Eve and Tim McGraw is thinking about spaghetti. "My mother’s maiden name is D’Agastino, so coming from an Italian family on her side, for Christmas Eve we always have homemade pasta," says Tim. "That’s sort of a tradition that I had growing up and it’s continued since I’ve been married. We look forward to that every Christmas Eve, having a big pasta dinner Christmas Eve and getting up Christmas morning and 4making eggs with spaghetti sauce, which is sort of a cool deal at our house."
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Kellie Michaels

Kellie Michaels

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