HSSA Pet of the Week!

The HSSA is an independent, local 501(C) 3 organization. They save the lives of thousands more animals than all other agencies in Southern Arizona combined, including homeless, abandoned, and often abused, animals. They receive, shelter and care for nearly 10,000 lost and unwanted companion animals each year. To find out more about HSSA, make a donation or view adoption-ready animals in need of new homes, visit hssaz.org.

  • Jackson - #782799 – 5 Years Old – Domestic Short Hair – Male. Jackson had a rough beginning after he was abandoned on the streets. A feral cat caregiver trapped him for TNR but immediately realized that he wasn’t wild at all. In fact, he’s 100% lap cat material! Thankfully, Jackson was brought to the HSSA for a second chance at domestic bliss. Now Jackson is soaking up attention and making new friends everywhere he goes. It’s easy to see why he’s a staff and volunteer favorite, with his warm personality and calm demeanor. This soulful gentleman will sit and cuddle for hours and hours. Jackson is FIV-positive, which means that he will need to live exclusively indoors and be an only cat or live with other cats who share his status. If you could give this special needs kitty the happy home of his dreams, please visit Jackson at the HSSA. He can't wait to greet you with open arms! Humane Society of Southern Arizona

  • Otis - #766077 – 3 Years Old – Pug/Beagle Mix – Male. Little Otis is so cute you may not be able to handle it. This bubbly Puggle loves doing zoomies around you. He’ll start out by racing in big circles and then come in closer and closer until he’s right at your feet. When he hits the brakes and looks up at you with those big eyes and floppy ears, you can’t help but melt. Otis is searching for a home willing to perfect his manners. He’s still getting the hang of house training and crate training. With some positive reinforcement and consistency, this brilliant boy should be well on his way to becoming the perfect companion. If you have a great sense of humor and can offer Otis a lifetime of unconditional love, please get to know this charming cherub today at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. Humane Society of Southern Arizona

  • Indiana - #782742 – 6 Years Old – Domestic Short Hair – Female Meet Indiana! This extra affectionate tabby will jump on your lap, put her paws on your arms and lean in for a hug. Indiana is absolutely terrific – just ask her fan club at the HSSA! Indiana is a favorite for so many reasons. She’s playful, talkative, outgoing and attentive. Indiana gets along great with other cats and kids. However, she prefers to steer clear of rambunctious dogs. In exchange for a lifetime of love, Indiana will need a sensitive stomach prescription diet to prevent tummy troubles. Can you give Indiana the lifetime of care and affection she deserves? Get to know this one-in-a-million cat today!

  • Benjamin - #782802 – 2 Years Old – Catahoula Mix – Male. Benjamin is simply the best! This happy, lovable sidekick makes every day wonderful. Benjamin adores people and other dogs. Plus, he has terrific manners and an endless eagerness to please. He’s got the perfect amount of energy for someone who enjoys romping around the yard for a few minutes and then crashing on the couch. Humane Society staff and volunteers can’t say enough good things about this amazing boy! Benjamin will no doubt make a perfect pal for the right lucky person. What he needs is a lifetime of veterinary care and a proper diet to help him manage his allergies. It’s a big commitment but one that’s totally worth the extra effort in exchange for this loyal lad’s love. If you could give Benjamin a life full of joy and health, please check out this remarkable sweetheart today at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona!

  • Meow Meow - #779889 – 3 Years Old – Domestic Medium Hair – Male. Meet our resident chatterbox, Meow Meow. This vocal gentleman earns his name every time you greet him – he loves to talk! Translation: “Please pet me!” When you do, Meow Meow leans in and puts his whole body into it as he rumbles with a deep purr of appreciation. And when you stop, Meow Meow will nudge your hand to ask for more. This personality-packed purr machine has a dog-like thirst for adventure. He enjoys following close at your heels and plays with gusto. Meow Meow adores respectful kids and dogs, but prefers to be your only feline friend. If you’re looking for an outgoing lap cat who appreciates long conversations and endless cuddling, meet this staff and volunteer favorite today at the main campus!

  • Domino - #774908 - 4 Years Old - Pit Bull Mix - Female. Domino is cute as a button and smart as a whip! This brilliant girl is brushing up on her obedience skills in Canine College and can't wait to impress you. An easy keeper, Domino has made friends with every dog and person she's met at the HSSA and looks forward to expanding her circle of buddies.

  • Princess - #783557 – 11 Weeks Old – Domestic Short Hair – Female. Princess simply couldn’t get any cuter! This darling kitten is searching for a very special home at our main campus and wants to remind you that June is Adopt-A-Shelter Cat Month http://bit.ly/LygCMB! Won’t you make her your pampered Princess?

  • Titan - #779442 – 4 Years Old – Pit Bull Mix – Male. Once Titan is your friend, let the love fest begin! When this special guy first arrived at the HSSA, he was dispirited and withdrawn. Titan avoided human attention, but our incredible volunteers immediately began working with him. In just a few months, Titan has made remarkable progress! Titan is now engaged, enthusiastic and learning obedience skills in Canine College. He enjoys nothing more than being on the receiving end of some belly rubs and hugs! Now all Titan needs is a patient family willing to help him adjust to life in a home. Since Titan spent his entire life outdoors, he will need someone to show him the ropes of being a pampered couch potato. What do you say? Won’t you give this deserving gentleman something great to smile about? Titan promises to return the favor for many years to come!

  • Helena is a tiny lap cat with a huge zest for life. This cuddly companion enjoys being brushed, playing with toys and making new friends. She’s incredibly outgoing and affectionate. Helena - #783228 – 11 Months Old – Domestic Medium Hair – Female

  • Rose just wants to be queen of your castle. Can you blame her? This chipper and charming sweetheart prefers to be the only female dog in the household, but most males are fine in Rose’s book. Rose is house trained, very well behaved inside and loves impressing her favorite people. As an accomplished snuggler, Rose always knows how to make you melt by nudging her nose under your arm and sliding in for a hug. When she’s not leaning against you with a content smile, Rose enjoys playing with squeaky toys and going for car rides. She’ll make the perfect sidekick for someone who’s searching for a faithful and fun pal. Rose - #652152 – 5 Years Old – Australian Shepherd Mix – Female

  • Wanted: Ray of sunshine to provide three amazing cats with cozy beds, toy mice, head rubs and unconditional love. Momma, Gri Gri and Big Boy are a bonded trio of feline siblings searching for a mellow home where they can spend their retirement in the lap of luxury. These incredible kitties are staying in staff offices at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona until they find a forever home big enough for three. Each kitty has something special to offer. Momma is the people pleaser who will rub against your leg all day and always greet you with a chipper meow. Big Boy is the zen master who can always be found lounging in a cozy corner or practicing his yoga. Gri Gri is the sensitive type who will be your secret admirer and come out to visit his trusted friends. All three kitties have impeccable manners and are waiting for you to meet them at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. Just remember to ask for these Hidden Gems by name. You’ll be glad you did! Momma - #779385 – 9 Years Old – Domestic Short Hair – Female, Gri Gri - #779386 – 8 Years Old – Domestic Short Hair – Male, Big Boy - #779387 – 9 Years Old – Domestic Long Hair – Male

  • Sweet Snickers is a big bundle of joy searching for happy home. Found wandering the streets of Tucson, Snickers was scooped up by a good Samaritan and delivered to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. Snickers will do anything for a treat, a pat on the head or words of praise. He’s so eager to please and will easily melt your heart with his big, smiling eyes. Check him out and prepare to fall in love! HSSA