Texting For Sex Leads To Prison Time

Mike Morgan

Photo: Image by Greene County Sheriff's Office

Texting For Sex Leads To Prison Time

CREATED Jul. 17, 2013


 SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Greene County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Patterson
announces that Ezra Robert Gramm, 39, of Springfield, Missouri, was sentenced on
Tuesday, July 16th, for attempting to entice a 14 year old girl. On March 13, 2013,
Gramm pled guilty to attempted enticement of a child for events that occurred in 2010.
Gramm came to the attention of law enforcement when a 13 year old girl’s mother found
suspicious text messages on her phone. Detective Alberto Estrada with the Springfield
Police Department posed as a 14 year old girl and began communicating with Gramm
by text message. After several messages which were sexually explicit in nature,
Gramm arranged to meet the individual he believed to be a 14 year old girl at Doling
Park. When Gramm arrived he was arrested. During an interview, Gramm admitted
that he believed he was communicating with a 14 year old girl and wanted to have
sexual relations with her. Gramm also admitted to texting the 13 year old girl and
having sexual contact with her. 

Gramm was sentenced by The Honorable Thomas Mountjoy to eighteen years in
the Missouri Department of Corrections on the sole count of attempted enticement of a
child. Probation was denied. During the sentencing, Judge Mountjoy told Gramm that
he was a “predator” and faulted Gramm for his failure to take responsibility for actions.
The State requested an eighteen year sentence in the Missouri Department of
Corrections and the defense argued for a five year sentence. 

 Gramm is also awaiting sentencing in federal court for sexual exploitation of a

A man from Springfield has been sentenced to 18 years in prison for using his cell phone to ask a 14 year old for sex. Greene County prosecutors say Ezra Gramm had been talking to an undercover Springfield police officer when he arranged a meeting at Doling Park back in 2010. Gramm is also awaiting sentence in federal court on sexual exploitation charges. Here is the prosecutors press release.