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Senate Hears Testimony From GM's CEO On Car Recall

Senate Hears Testimony From GM's CEO On Car Recall

By Erika Brame. CREATED Jul 16, 2014

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill is leading a Senate hearing tomorrow on the GM recall of faulty ignition switches that lead to 12 deaths.

McCaskill is calling for a deeper investigation into the legal department at GM for not addressing the problem early on.

“They were more interested in playing whack-a-mole on individual lawsuits than they were with getting the problem fixed."

McCaskill is hearing from CEO Kenneth Feinberg tomorrow about victim compensation.

“We’ll have some questions for him about how that is going to work, to make sure these victims do get compensation.”

One of the 12 deaths happened in Missouri.

Erika Brame

Erika Brame

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