Thousands Gather For Hailey Owens' Candlelight March

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Photo: Video by ktts.com

Thousands Gather For Hailey Owens' Candlelight March

By Austin Robertson and Chase Snider. CREATED Feb 22, 2014

Nobody expected a response this big - thousands gathered in north Springfield to honor Hailey Owens' memory with a candlelight march down Commercial Street.

Joe Bridges put the idea on facebook, and the response was huge: an estimated 10,000 people.

"I'm overwhelmed. I'm speechless. This community has answered," says Bridges.

People came from all over Springfield - some who didn't know Hailey and some, like Austin Zimny and his mom Mandy, who feel the loss more than most:

Hailey's extended family members Reagan and David Haskins say they can't thank the community enough for its support.

In the wake of this tragedy, many families are re-thinking how they handle safety concerns, like Elizabeth Donalson and her three kids:

You can share your pictures from the Hailey Owens march at iContribute@ktts.com

Chase Snider, Austin Robertson, and Mike Morgan contributed to this story.