Saudi Arabian Students Charged With Sexual Assault

Mike Morgan

Amed Alanazi (l) Rayan Alqabbaa (r) Photo: Image by Greene County Sheriff's Office

Saudi Arabian Students Charged With Sexual Assault

CREATED Jun. 3, 2013

The Greene County prosecutor has charged two students from Saudi Arabia for sexually assaulting a woman who says she has no idea how she got to an apartment complex on east Elm Street after being  given something to drink at a bar.

Police say they were called by a cab driver concerned about her condition. Inside, officers heard moaning and crying. The woman then requested she be taken home.

Rayan Alqabbaa and Ahmed Alanazi are seen on video leading the woman from the cab into a apartment rented by one of the men.

The two are being held on separate one million dollar bonds.

Click here to read the probable cause statement.