College Of The Ozarks Remembers Thatcher

Mike Morgan

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College Of The Ozarks Remembers Thatcher

CREATED Apr. 8, 2013

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had died from a stroke at 87. 

From A Press Release

College of the Ozarks bids farewell to one of the world’s most honorable leaders, former British Prime Minister Lady Margaret Thatcher. Lady Thatcher served three consecutive terms as Prime Minister. We, today, still applaud the core values that are at the center of “Thatcherism.”

On February 21, 1997, College of the Ozarks students, staff, and faculty had the opportunity to welcome the “Iron Lady” to campus and hear her wisdom. She delighted the audience with her speech on “Challenges Facing the 20th Century.” After her speech, College of the Ozarks students presented Lady Thatcher with signature, student-made gifts, including a stained-glass clock, basket, fruitcake, and tea pot. She took time to examine the craftsmanship of the tea pot.

While on campus, Lady Thatcher visited the Edwards Mill, Fruitcake & Jelly Kitchen, Williams Memorial Chapel, and the Ralph Foster Museum. In her gracious way, Lady Thatcher took time to look, listen, ask questions, shake hands with, and greet every student with whom she came in contact.

Many years later, in 2001, she even took time to write a hand-written thank you for a student-made fruitcake that the College had sent her for Christmas.

She truly was a lady. We will miss her, but not forget what she taught us that “Values matter more than anything else—values and the traditional family.”