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MoDOT Road Report For Monday

MoDot Road Work SIgn Photo: Image by MoDot

MoDOT Road Report For Monday

By Chase Snider. CREATED Feb 17, 2013

 MoDOT/Southwest Road Report for Monday, Feb. 18
(Rain/Snow could postpone scheduled work)

All MoDOT offices, maintenance facilities and project offices will be closed Monday, Feb. 18, to observe the President's Day holiday.  However, lane closings are possible on some road construction projects.   

Bates County 
* Route 52 East: NIGHT WORK - Narrowed ramp at I-49 near Butler. Repairing guardrail. Work hours: after 7 p.m.     

MoDOT/Southwest Road Report for Tuesday, Feb. 19
(Rain/Snow could postpone scheduled work)

Barry County
* Route 39: 
One-lane traffic north of Jenkins. Cutting brush. 

* Route 97: One-lane traffic near Monett. Cutting brush.  

* Route 39 Table Rock Lake Bridge Deck Replacement at Shell Knob:
(Completion: May 2013)
   One-lane traffic on bridge with temporary signals alternating traffic one lane at a time.
   Narrowed driving lanes across bridge.

Barton County
* No traffic impacts

Bates County
* Route 52: 
One-lane traffic east of Butler Sealing pavement.

Benton County
* Route 7:
 One-lane traffic near Edwards. Cutting brush.

Cedar County 
* No traffic impacts

Christian County
* Route 60: One-lane traffic near Billings. Sealing pavement. 

* Route T: One-lane traffic east of Oldfield. Shoulder repairs. 

Dade County
* No traffic impacts

Dallas County
* Route 38: One-lane traffic in areas between March and Elkland. Reshaping ditches and cleaning out drain pipes. 

Greene County
* I-44: NIGHT WORK - One eastbound lane closed west of Springfield. Mile Markers 66-68. Repairing guardrail. Work hours: after 5 p.m.     

* I-44: NIGHT WORK - One westbound lane closed in Springfield. Mile Marker 73. Repairing guardrail. Work hours: after 11 p.m.     

*  I-44: NIGHT WORK - One westbound lane closed east of Springfield. Mile Marker 86. Repairing guardrail. Work hours:  after 9 p.m.   
* Chestnut Expressway (Loop 44): Lane closings between I-44 and Broadway Avenue in Springfield. Pavement repairs. 

* Route 125: One-lane traffic south of Strafford. Building shoulders. 

*  Kansas Expressway (Route 13) at James River Freeway (Route 60) Diverging Diamond Interchange in Springfield: (Completion: September 2013) 
     Nighttime lane closings at times. Work hours: 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.
     Crews and equipment working close to traffic at times  
* West Bypass (Route 160) Bridge Replacement at I-44 in Springfield:
(Completion: December 2013)
One lane open in each direction on West Bypass with traffic shifted to east side of bridge.
No left-turns from northbound West Bypass to westbound I-44.           
Henry County
* Route N: ROAD CLOSED between Henry County Route N two miles west of Henry County Route B west of Blairstown. Replacing drain pipes. Work hours: 8 a.m. to  3 p.m 

* Route Y: One-lane traffic at Tebo Creek south of Windsor. Bridge work. 

* Route 52: One-lane traffic in various locations between Deepwater and Montrose. Repairing roadway edges.  

Hickory County

Jasper County
* I-49: One northbound lane closed at Center Creek in Joplin. Sealing bridge deck. 

* Route U: One-lane traffic at Spring River north of La Russell. Bridge work. 

* Route 171: One northbound and/or one southbound lane closed 'round the clock in areas between Route 249 near Carterville and I-49 at Carthage. Pavement repairs. 

* Main Street at Zora Street Interchange Construction in Joplin:
(Completion: May 2013)
        Lane closings possible at times on Main Street. Speed limit reduced to 35 mph. 
               ROAD CLOSED:
 Zora Street CLOSED at Upland Road west of Main Street until as late as May 2013. Detour: Lone Elm Road and Eclipse Street to Upland Road and  then to Veteran's Way.
               ROAD CLOSED:
 Zora Street CLOSED east of Main Street until May 2013.  Detour: Fountain Road to St. Louis Street to Broadway Street.
               Equipment entering and leaving work areas.

Lawrence County 

* No traffic impacts

McDonald County 

* No traffic impacts

Newton County
* Route 86: One-lane traffic in Neosho. Smoothing pavement. 

* Route HH: One-lane traffic near Wanda. Reshaping ditches and cleaning out drain pipes. 

* Route H: One-lane traffic near Sweetwater. Replacing a drain pipe. 

* I-44/Range Line Road Diverging Diamond Interchange in Joplin:
(Completion: December 2013)
       NIGHT WORK:
 Lane closings on I-44 and on Range Line Road at times. Work hours: 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.      
I-44 traffic shifted toward outside shoulders at Range Line Road.

Polk County
* No traffic impacts

St. Clair County
* No traffic impacts

Stone County
* No traffic impacts

Taney County
* No traffic impacts

Vernon County
* No traffic impacts

Webster County
* I-44: NIGHT WORK - 
One westbound lane closed west of Marshfield. Mile Markers 96. Repairing guardrail. Work hours: after 7:30 p.m.    

* Route 38: One-lane traffic in areas between March and Elkland. Reshaping ditches and cleaning out drain pipes.

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