Chris Young recuperating following hand surgery

Photo: Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Chris Young recuperating following hand surgery

By Stephen L. Betts. CREATED Jun 10, 2014

Chris Young is on the mend following surgery on his left hand, which he injured with a kitchen knife last week. The singer's mother, Becky Yates Young Harris, posted a message on her Facebook page updating fans on her son's condition.

"Chris is resting," the message begins. "He has passed the 'keep it elevated for 48 hours' mark and can still move his fingers. They are all still looking good color wise. He will be in a soft caste [sic] for another two weeks, then in a hard caste [sic] for the next 4 after that (so 6 weeks total)." (See the rest of the message -- and a photo of the country star's bandaged hand -- below.)