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Temperatures falling, rain threatens the weekend

Low pressure begins to build in today from the Pacific northwest. Partly cloudy skies will be common and winds pick up between 10 and 20 mph by tonight. Highs still hover in the upper 60s but by Saturday, highs fall to the upper 50s and will continue there clear into next week. Rain chances develop as early as tonight near Summerlin, Red Rock, and Mt. Charleston with our best chances for rain really showing up Saturday night for the entire valley. Wind gusts may reach 35 mph through the weekend with sustained winds between 10 and 20 mph. Snow chances have backed off even further to the 5500ft level however we will still watch for snow to the valley Sunday morning and Monday morning. With chilly highs and strong wind along with rain, it is important to dress appropriately cold rain coupled with strong winds can chilly the body very quickly and with the color run downtown this Saturday morning, its good idea to bundle up! 

Las Vegas 7-Day Forecast

Las Vegas 7-Day Forecast
Las Vegas, Nevada

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