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Breezy, sunny and warm today, much cooler Sunday

A wind advisory is in effect to the north and west of the city including Indian Springs and Mt. Charleston.  That advisory also include Nye and Lincoln Counties.  Winds are expected to hit 35-40mph at times.  Winds will be a factor in the valley today as well with peak gusts hitting about 30-35mph.  Temperatures will stay warm today as high pressure stays around through the afternoon.  Tomorrow is a different story as a cold front will pass this evening into tonight.  Temperatures tomorrow will be in the range of 8-12° cooler than today.  Highs today will peak between 75° and 95° with Las Vegas hitting 88° today.  Tomorrow, those temperatures will drop to 65°-85° with Las Vegas hitting 78°.  Slightly cooler weather will come Monday before slowly warming back into the low 80s later this week just in time for Halloween.

Las Vegas 7-Day Forecast

Las Vegas 7-Day Forecast
Las Vegas, Nevada

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