Local business sends love to veterans

Beth Fisher

Photo: Video by ktnv.com

Local business sends love to veterans

CREATED Feb. 14, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- This Valentine's Day, soldiers in Afghanistan are opening special packages from Las Vegas. Employees with Desert Call Connection collected the goodies and shipped the boxes because one of their friends was just deployed.

More than 200 people work at Desert Call Connection's Las Vegas location. One of those people is reservist Raynell Ridgeway, who was recently called up to Afghanistan. "It's wonderful to see how many people care about Raynell."
Raynell's mom works at DCC too. So when her son was deployed, employees decided to send him and his entire squad some love this Valentine's Day. Employees say they will continue to ship packages even beyond the holiday.
The president and CEO of Desert Call Connection says his company, which handles customer service for a variety of businesses, loves hiring vets.  
"We think they have a great skill set. When it comes to customer service, who better to handle pressure than someone who has fought in a war?"
And when Raynell returns, he'll have a job waiting for him.
"It's so wonderful. It really is. They support me every day.  It's just been a big help.  It's good to have my employer and my family behind me knowing what I am going through. "
Raynell will be gone 480 days.  His mom has already done the math.  He returns home May 15, 2015.