VIRAL VIDEO: Tough guy Chuck Norris tops Jean Claude Van Damme's epic split


VIRAL VIDEO: Tough guy Chuck Norris tops Jean Claude Van Damme's epic split

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Dec 20, 2013

The 73-year-old Chuck Norris, star of "Walker, Texas Ranger," has once again proven that he is the master.

It started with Jean Claude Van Damme's "most epic of splits" between two Volvo trucks. Soon after, Channing Tatum released a spoof of the Volvo ad.

And of course, regular people had to get in on the fun too. Check out this parody by a guy named Emeric Kerlo.

Now, a video has been released featuring action star Norris, who does the splits in mid-air between two planes with 11 paratroopers wrapped in Christmas lights perched on his head.

It's obviously fake, but it is still fabulous. And if anyone could do it, that person would definitely be Chuck Norris.

After all, Norris once stared in the mirror and said, "There can only be one Chuck Norris." His reflection cried and walked away.

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The video has received more than seven million views as of Friday afternoon. It was produced by Delov Digital, a Hungarian animation firm.

Jean Claude Van Damme's video has generated 61 million views on YouTube since Nov. 13. The video featuring Norris, who can win a game of Connect Four in only three moves, will probably hit that by tomorrow. Because it's Chuck Norris.

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