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Ja Rule to produce a microwave cookbook?

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Ja Rule to produce a microwave cookbook?

By Cassie Alsup. CREATED Oct 24, 2013

Ja Rule didn't frequent the prison cafeteria much, because he microwaved his own food! The rapper, who went to prison for two years for tax evasion, feels so strongly about his microwave masterpieces, he wants to make a cookbook about it,  Page Six reports.

The cookbook would totally be the gift of choice for every young rap fan on his way to college, because who doesn't want to become a microwave whiz in the dorms?

Ja Rule mentioned his idea while he was the guest on Geoffrey Zakarian's SiriusXM show, "Food Talk" while foodies like Guy Fieri, Bobby Flay and Marcus Samuelsson were also being interviewed.

"In jail, they're pretty crafty," Ja Rule told Zakarian (via National Post). "We made lasagna, we made cheesecakes, we had lots of things. I really didn't eat prison food. I didn't go to the chow line too much. We usually just cooked in our dorm."

While this might be the first cookbook of its kind, other rappers have authored cookbooks as well. "Cookin' With Coolio" came out in 2009 and 2 Chainz cookbook "#MealTime" came out this week.


Cassie Alsup

Cassie Alsup

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