Work could resume on unfinished eyesore project

Michael Lopardi

Work could resume on unfinished eyesore project

CREATED Aug. 9, 2013

Henderson, NV (KTNV) -- An unfinished construction project near Henderson has turned into an eyesore for neighbors.

A lock hangs off the fence outside the unfinished building at 430 E. Cactus Ave. near Bermuda Road. There's not much more. The doors are boarded up and no trespassing signs are posted.

"I hate the way that looks," said Paul Pietrewicz, who manages a nearby pub. "I think it does a terrible thing to the neighborhood."

Pietrewicz said the building has sat unfinished for about four years. What's happened over time?

"Broken windows, vandalism, the general trespassing," said Pietrewicz.

Some of those problems have been cleaned up but neighbors worry it's only a matter of time before the problems return. Action News visited the property in May, 2012, after hearing similar concerns.

"I have hope that somebody is going to step up to the plate and take care of it," said Susan Peterson in an interview last year.

Things could soon be changing.

Action News was able to track down Ofir Hagay, a managing partner with the company that owns the property.

Hagay said his company purchased the property in May, 2012. The goal is to turn the structure into 100 luxury apartments but issues with the previous contractor held up the process. Hagay said funding and a new builder are in place and he hopes to finish work on what will be called "City Club" by early next year.

"Just something to have life in that building would be a great addition to the neighborhood," said Pietrewicz.

Clark County has an open code enforcement case at the property following a graffiti complaint from about a month ago, said county spokesman Dan Kulin.

Hagay said he has worked with the county to address any issues. Graffiti spotted on the front of the building last week has since been cleaned up.