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Neighbors fed up with eyesore home on valley's east side

Michael Lopardi

Neighbors fed up with eyesore home on valley's east side

CREATED Jul. 18, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- With the front door wide open and part of the roof falling apart, neighbors said an eyesore home on the east side of the valley just keeps getting worse. 

"It's very unnerving, especially for me now," said neighbor Sally Silburr. "I would like to see something done."
After Action News first visited the property in August 2012, neighbors turned to the station to find out why it's become a problem yet again.
Community members are worried about children falling into the empty pool or getting hurt inside the home. With the front door open, neighbors can see part of the interior ceiling has a hole in it with debris scattered throughout the first floor.
After our last visit, Clark County code enforcement called in a crew to board up the home but someone has clearly made their way back inside.
"Who knows who could be in that house, what they could be doing," said Silburr.
No one answered when we knocked at the entrance. It's unclear if anyone has been staying at the home. Silburr said no one had lived there permanently for the last three years.
Action News wanted to know what it would take to clean up the property.
We called Clark County, who said they had visited the home three times in 2012 to secure it so no one could get in. The county also put a lien against the property to pay for the boarding up. The county said it's limited in what it can do, but promised to send out a code enforcement officer. Within an hour, one arrived.
"I'll check the perimeter, see if there's any openings in the back like broken windows, anywhere where anyone could gain access," the officer said.
The county said the front door was secured by the end of the day and requests placed for a crew to clean up the yard. Still, neighbors want a more permanent solution.
"That house should be leveled, taken down to the bottom ground and leave a vacant lot," said Silburr. "Let somebody come in and buy it and build a new property."
Action News tried three times to reach the last listed property owner but had no luck. We've also reached out to a mortgage company to get more information on the parcel.